Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We were able to stay in our house last night. The smell of the acid stained floor had diminished with the help of pledge, vinegar and water and other cleaning supplies. I cleaned the house from top to bottom to get rid of saw dust, sheet rock dust and everthing else involved with the home project. I love the floors and will be thrilled when this project is done.

Again, thank you Aunt Stacy for allowing us to stay at your house. We loved staying with Aunt Stacy (Blair does because Aunt Stacy lets her do anything she wants) but there is nothing like being back home and sleeping in our own beds.
The picture below is of our newly waxed acid stained floor.
The Love Dare, Day 3: Love is not selfish - The 3rd day requires yet again to not say anything negative to your spouse and buy him something to let him know you are thinking of him. The buying part is easy but the saying nothing at all when you have something negative to say is killing me. The part that is killing me is dealing with a stubborn man with an ankle injury.

I finally convinced Chris to go to the doctor since he could barely walk on his foot and it looked like a softball had been inserted where his ankle was suppose to be. He went, they diagnosed him with a severe ankle sprain and gave him a brace to wear. I got the I told you I did not need to go to the doctor call immediately following the visit. I think I would rather it have been broken because if anything else happens you can bet money he will not go to the doctor.

Chris came home tonight and iced his ankle. Our little monkey had to have an ice pack as well to put on her ankle because she said she hurt her foot too. I think the 3 year old is easier to care for than the 29 year old. Happy Thursday!

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