Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was my 31st Birthday and boy was it a wild one. I woke up to my cell phone going off with work calling about our system not working properly. I did not feel well that morning but later felt much better when some of my employees treated me to Kobe for lunch. (I am going to take Blair to a place like this, she will love watching the men cook.) Then my sweet husband and little girl sent me a huge arrangement of flowers and Happy Birthday balloon. This was a pleasant surprise because my husband does not do flowers. For dinner all of the family enjoyed a nice dinner at Macaroni Grill in honor of my birthday.
I got a real treat when I got home. As you probably know from past blogs, we are finishing our basement and decided to try something new with the floors. We went with a really nice acid stain floor. Looks great, Smells TERRIBLE! The smell of the stain took over the entire house and we had to vacate the premises (Thanks Aunt Stacy for the free room and board!). To top that one off, my sweet husband missed the bottom back step as he was loading the car and rolled over on his ankle. Do you think he allowed me to take him to the ER? Nope! Happy Birthday to me!

The Love Dare for Day 2: Love is Kind. The kind of love I had to give my husband today was not kind. Instead I felt like tossing the entire book out of the window for his stubborness with not going to the doctor. It has to be a man thing! He cannot walk on his foot and is in major pain as well as badly swollen all the while he is telling me it is fine. Blair must get her stubborness from the Dukes side.

On a happier note, I still have several days left for my birthday week. Then next weekend my husband is taking us to Chattanooga for the weekend as my birthday gift. Yeah! I am really excited about that trip and what all we are going to do with Blair.

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  1. Happy Birthday Donna :) It sounds like it was an eventful one for sure! I hope you guys have fun in Chattanooga and let's do lunch one day next week. I MISS YOU!