Monday, November 30, 2009

Tennessee Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving this year in Tennessee. We headed out on Wednesday morning and enjoyed spending time together talking (Blair does not stop talking!), laughing and shopping. We stopped by the mall in Chattanooga to give us all a little break and grab some lunch. We bought many prizes at the mall and of course Blair had to jump on the bouncer and ride the rides located in the mall.

On Thursday, we enjoyed the Dukes family Thanksgiving lunch. Along with giving much thanks for all we have been blessed with. We attended the annual fundraising event, Fantasy of Trees, that night at the Knoxville Convention Center to help raise money for Children's Hospital of Knoxville. The trees are beautifully decorated and the activities for the kids are fabulous. Blair had a great time!

Friday, my mother-in-law and I did our annual marathon shopping trip (4am - 9pm) in Knoxville, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville. I am pleased to report that I have completed all of my Christmas shopping. We did take a break from shopping to meet the rest of the crew for the dinner show at the Dixie Stampede. I think Chris and my father-in-law just about had a stroke when they saw all of the gifts crammed into the back of the truck. Blair is going to have a Merry Christmas!

We headed back to Sweet Home Alabama on Saturday where we met up with my Mom, Aunt Stacy and Uncle Eric for some good food at Firebirds. They were home for the weekend from Arkansas. We are ready for them to be back in Alabama.

On Sunday, we bought the last Christmas tree (yes, I said last Christmas tree. I love a tree in every room.) to decorate. The smell of a real tree in the house is so nice. Then the three of us along with Poppy and Gigi headed to see the Rockettes at the BJCC. I loved it! Below are some pictures from all of our events. Enjoy!

Grandpa and Blair at the Fantasy of Trees
Grandpa, Blair and Grandma
Blair got to ride the carousel at the Fantasy of Trees
And got her face painted, nails painted and a crown
And made Christmas ornaments
And made a Christmas tree.
We have all kinds of special "Blair" creations to cherish.
Blair and Mommy
Blair being silly outside of Aunt Dot's.
As you can see, Blair has her Dixie Stampede flag.
Wonder how we did not lose an eye!
Blair dressed up and ready for The Rockettes.
Blair ready for bed in her Christmas PJ's.
I love Christmas!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Count Your Blessings

I picked my little princess up from school today and in her daily activity folder was a small piece of paper with candy corn tied in a pretty bow on the top. The paper read, Count Your Blessings.
Give thanks to the Lord-
It's easy to do.
Start counting your blessings:
It may surprise you!
Just list every one-
The good things you know,
Like family and friends,
Then watch your list grow!
Each kernel of corn
Will help you count one:
You'll run out of kernels
Before blessings are done!
Keep counting your blessings;
You'll never be through.
Each one is a gift,
From God, who loves you!
God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:19

When we got home, this is what I found when I noticed Blair was being really quite. I decided to turn back around and continue packing. Her daddy could handle this one!

Gobble, Gobble!
Blair and I talked about her lesson today and she wanted to eat some of the candy corn that they referred to as "kernels" in her class from her poem. For every kernel she ate, she was supposed to tell what she was thankful for. She ate 7 kernels so she told me of the 7 things she is thankful for. She is thankful for 1. Mommy and Daddy, 2. Family, 3. House, 4. Friends, 5. Company, 6. God and Jesus and 7. Teacher.
As I reflect on this wonderful time of the year, I too am so thankful for many of the same things she is thankful for. We take so much for granted at times but we are so Blessed even though we do not deserve any of the Blessings we have been given.
I am so thankful that I have a kitchen floor that I cannot walk on tonight because I know that I have a precious, sweet, healthy child that I have been blessed with to love and take care of, even the messes. I am so thankful that I have been given a spouse that at times I want to pinch his head off, but I have been blessed with a lifetime partner that loves me and his little girl more than anything in this world. I am thankful for wonderful family and friends that we have been blessed with. I am so thankful for food to eat, a car to get around in, a house that we have made into a home and the freedom that we have in this great country. I am blessed to have a loving Savior that died for me and everyone else so we may have everlasting life.
Count Your Blessings! God is Good!
Happy Thanksgiving from Our House to Yours!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sweet and Sassy

Blair was invited to a birthday party on Saturday at Sweet and Sassy in Patton Creek. We normally go there to get Blair's haircut but we have never been to a party there. It was too cute! They asked the girls questions when they first arrived about their likes and dislikes. Then they carried them to a dressing room where the girls selected a dress for their modeling debut. After dressing, they were seated in a directors chair where they selected the hair style they wanted, make-up and nail polish. When they were all dolled up, they each had the chance to walk the runway individually with all of the information read aloud about them that was collected at the beginning of the party. The girls had a great time and the parents enjoyed the entertainment of the girls. Here are some of the pictures from Hannah's Birthday Party.

Blair on the runway
Blair's modeling debut
Blair and the girls
Little Princess
Hannah and Blair
Sweet and Sassy!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wilderness at the Smokies

Thanks NBC 13 for the free trip to the Smokies! We finally decided to take the trip I won to the Wilderness at the Smokies this weekend. We had a blast!

We spent all day at the indoor water park on Saturday. Then for dinner headed to the Black Bear Jamboree Christmas Spectacular Dinner and a Show. I loved the show! Everything was decorated with lights and decorations for Christmas with Christmas music playing everywhere you go. After the show we headed into Gatlinburg to look at the lights and decorations. It was beautiful!

The only bad part about the trip is departing. I am ready to go back. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Santa's Little Helper
Mommy and Blair at the Black Bear
Christmas Spectacular
Blair in front of the Christmas tree at the lodge.
Blair with the black bear at the lodge.

The wave pool.
Blair and Daddy on the water slide.
Daddy trying to boogie board.
Blair trying to boogie board.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll

Blair, Brody and Kailyn
A walk with friends.
Blair and Kailyn
My sweet girl.
Happy Fall!