Monday, April 27, 2009

Princess Blair

I finally found a few minutes to jump on the computer and post pictures of this sweet little face. Our plate has been full since Easter. The last couple of weeks have been hectic but very nice so I am posting some pictures from the last couple of weeks. Chris has been working in the yard and it looks very nice. He also carried me on a double date with Stacy and Eric to dinner and to the production of Wicked. It was fabulous! I loved it, he hated it. I do not have to worry about him going back to a production with me.

We attended the Magnolia Festival in Gardendale and Blair had a blast. If you have never been, you should plan to attend next year. We have been to Stacy's wedding tea's, both here and in Mississippi. We have attended a few birthday parties with several more to go. We are also going to gymnastics and dance each week which just makes the weeks that much more busy. Oh, Chris will be attending one more production with me. Blair makes her first ballet debut at the Alabama Theater in a few weeks. How neat is that! Blogging will probably be sporadic over the next two months. We have so much planned that I am already starting to freak out a little about our schedule.
Princess Blair at the neighbors Princess Birthday Party
All the little Princesses.
Cinderella is proof, a pair of shoes can change a girl's life!
Daddy took the training wheels off the bike.
Her face does not show it here but she is not happy with him about this.
Is this not the sweetest face ever?!! We are Blessed!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Bunny

Hope all of you had a great Easter and the Easter Bunny visited your house. We had a great Easter and we were visited by the Bunny. Blair has been learning about the true meaning of Easter at school. We have also been working with her on the true Easter story. She starts off by telling about the soldiers that took Jesus to the cross and spit and hit him. Then Jesus died and they took him to the tomb. Then the big stone was put where Jesus was so He couldn't get out. Then the angel came and "something special" happened. Then they moved the stone and Jesus was alive.

I really need to record her telling the story. It is the sweetest to hear my three year old talk about why we celebrate Easter. She does sound like a broken record player at times repeating "then" but it is the cutest thing.

See what the Easter Bunny brought Blair.

I am sure you are wondering why her Easter stuff is outside the back door. Let me explain, she has been asking for the past week how the Easter Bunny would get into our house (chimney, door, etc.). Chris told her the bunny was not as magical as Santa and would probably have to leave her stuff outside since we could not leave the doors unlocked nor the bunny could come down the chimney. So we left the basket outside for the bunny to fill with goodies since he really did not have a good way to get into our house. Makes perfect sense now, right?

Blair with her Fancy Nancy dress.
The Easter Bunny left a lot of Fancy Nancy goodies.

The Easter Bunny also left a pair of Princess Roller Skates.
She loves them, Daddy hates them!

Mommy and Blair at the Easter Egg Hunt.
I am sure you all know why Chris is not in the picture - he does not like pictures.
Hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter To You All!

Happy Easter!
We hope you all have a great Easter
and get lots of prizes from the Easter Bunny.
Easter 2009
Easter 2008
Easter 2007
Easter 2006
Blair's First Easter

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Party

Today was Blair's Easter Party at school. She was excited about going to school this morning for the big egg hunt and party. When I picked her up this afternoon, the basket was overflowing with eggs, candy and gifts. Tomorrow the daycare is closed for Good Friday so Blair gets to go to work with Mommy for half the day and Daddy the other half. I think she is more excited about going with us than the Easter Bunny coming to see her.

Blair ready to go to her Easter Party.
Is this not the cutest Easter Bunny you have ever laid eyes on?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Fun

We decided to dye Easter Eggs today. We have never attempted this at home, we have always allowed Aunt Gail to host the egg dying party with all of her grand kids and Blair. After seeing the mess left behind last year, I was a little nervous about us doing this at our house. It went very well with little mess and we have two dozen beautifully dyed eggs to show for it and one happy three year old.

We also baked this afternoon before the egg dying began. We bought Blair a cake and pie baking set for Christmas because she loves to help cook. She wanted to make a pink cake (like Pinkalicious). So we made her a pink cake with pink icing and she helped make the cake, ice the cake and decorate. She is so proud of her cake.

This picture is from last night. Poppy, Gigi, Aunt Stacy and Uncle Eric all joined us for dinner last night. Poppy and Gigi brought Blair's Easter Basket from them. One of the many prizes inside consisted of a snorkel set because she loves the water. She walked around the house last night in the fins and tried to wear the mask with snorkel but that did not work so well. I did manage to take one picture of her with her mask on.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Playing in the Rain

Tonight we went to Open House for the Daycare Blair attends. The Open House was designed for the parents to see all of the many things the kids have learned and worked on from August until present. It was so sweet to see all of the drawings, art work and paintings Blair had done over the last school year. Her teacher also had a video presentation she had put together of the class over the school year with different pictures. The video was the sweetest thing to watch!

When we got home from Open House, I decided to get Blair's rain boots and then head for the rain and puddles. She and I both had a ball! We were soaking wet from head to toe but what fun we had and what memories we will always have of this night. Chris was afraid of melting so he stood under the umbrella (his only concern should have been clumping).

Playing in the rain with Blair brought back sweet childhood memories of me playing with my sister in the rain at Mama Sims' house in Ashland with Meme. I remember Stacy and I being soaked from head to toe as well but we also did one thing that now makes me gag to think about. As it rained we would stand beside the carport and catch the rain water coming off the roof of the house in our mouth. How gross is that? We had fun then and Blair and I had fun tonight.

Blair riding her bike in the rain.

Blair riding her 4-wheeler in the rain.
Can you tell she had a good time?

Blair and Mommy wet from the rain.
I would have loved to post pictures of her splashing in the puddles but I was not taking my camera in the torrential rain. Maybe next time!

Walking with the Dinos

Last night we went to see Walking with the Dinosaurs at the Civic Center. It was really neat and we enjoyed the performance. We were on the very front row so at first I was a little nervous that we may have a visitor in the bed with us for the next few weeks because of the size and sounds coming from some of the Dino's. Surprisingly, Blair did really well and slept in her own bed (no nightmares of Dino's yet). There were times that you could tell she was a little nervous and did not know whether to laugh, cry or scream. Here are the pictures from the performance.

Mommy, Blair and Daddy
The lighting was dark so the pictures are not the best.