Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Poppy!

Happy Birthday Poppy! We hope you have a great birthday. We love you!!!

Just a reminder: My birthday week begins on Monday. Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From Princess to Mud Rider

I went shopping on my lunch break Thursday to Macy's. They were having a really good sale and I found Blair four really cute dressy dresses to play dress-up in for much less than I could buy dress-up clothes. All she wants to do now is play dress-up. On Friday when we walked in the door, she went straight to the playroom and began pulling out dress-up clothes and accessories. We decided on Cracker Barrel for dinner that night and guess what Blair wore to dinner? She wore her new brown, glitter ruffled dress with her Fancy Nancy crown, dress-up shoes, necklace and bracelet's. Boy did she get some attention at dinner and she loved every minute of it.

On Saturday, we were supposed to be going to test out a new boat but sadly enough the boat was sold before we could go test it out. Instead we carried Blair to her Grandparents for a little 4-wheeling. She did not seem that enthused to begin with but when she found the mud puddles, she came to life. Her Daddy does not let anything we own touch the mud so for her to cover both herself and her 4-wheeler in mud almost killed her Daddy. She had a ball and is ready to return to the mud. From Pretty Princess to Mud Rider!

Posing Princess
I think Aunt Stacy taught her this pose.

Our little mud rider
She found the mud and a lot of it!
This picture does not do justice to the
amount of mud covering this child.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Circus Fun

Better late than never! Grandma and Grandpa carried us all to the circus this year. We had a great time and of course Blair wanted one of everything that came by. We went a little early so we could attend the pre-show events. We got to dress up, dance, visit with the clowns and we even scored a free clown nose (I am still in shock these were free because nothing else at that place is free).

Blair was really excited because she got to see her cousin, Kailyn. They both had a great time at the circus and then afterwards they enjoyed a spend the night party at Grandma and Grandpa's. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed some us time as well. Here are some of the pictures from our big day.

Blair with her "free" clown nose.
Kailyn and Blair before the big show started.
Kailyn, Grandma and Blair
Blair and Kailyn posing with the clown at
the pre-show.
Blair dancing in the ring during the pre-show.
Kailyn and Blair dressed up.
Blair sitting on Daddy's shoulder
so she does not miss anything.

Blair ready to head to the circus.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year marks the 5th Valentine's we have spent with our little Valentine. How time flies! This little one has changed our life in the best way possible. I use to hear people say the love you have for God, your spouse and your children are all different kinds of love. Until you have experienced falling in love with these three, you really cannot explain it. I am so blessed to have the love of all three. I look forward to many more years of loving! We all hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Blair's 1st Valentine's Day (2006)
Blair's 5th Valentine's Day (2010)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Our new toy

Our New Toy

Blair's hiding place from Uncle Eric.

My sweet husband finally broke down and bought us a golf cart. It only took two years but I finally got one. The weather has really not been riding weather but we are looking forward to some spring weather within the next month or two to hopefully really enjoy the golf cart. Happy Valentine's and Birthday to me!

Today my sweet neighbors brought me a necklace they had ordered for me for Christmas. I love it! It is a black beaded necklace with Blair's picture. Too cute! Thanks David and Heather.

We have been busy and seem to be getting busier each day. Blair is taking swimming lessons twice a week at the YMCA and loving it. We also started attending church on Wednesday nights so Blair gets to attend Children's Choir while we are in worship. She is loving the songs and we are loving watching and hearing her sing and dance to the songs she is learning in choir. She has been so funny to watch! We got a copy of all 10 songs the kids will be singing in May. All of us already know the songs. I have been looking at the bookstore for more music so these 10 songs do not make us crazy until May.

Friday night is a special night for Blair and Daddy. The two of them will attend the father/daughter banquet at church. Blair is so excited to be going on a date with her Daddy. Then on Saturday morning Chris and I are going to the spa for a couples massage for Valentine's Day. Chris is a little uncertain about this one but I keep assuring him that he is going to love it. On Sunday, my sweet husband will be running in the Mercedes Marathon. He is running the half marathon (13 miles). Wish him luck! I am so proud of him.