Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meet the Teacher, Soccer Fun and the Weekend

Tuesday we went to Meet the Teacher night at Blair's school. As I have told some of you, since we have moved to a different county, we no longer have the privilege of knowing everyone and who we want and do not want for teachers. I have been a little worried about Blair promoting because Chris, Blair and I all love Blair's current teacher. I know the Lord has provided and taken care of us thus far so I knew He would continue but as a mother, I still wanted that confirmation. We got it in a big way and in many ways! I teared up when we had our meeting with her new teacher not because I was sad but because God confirmed she was in great hands. I am excited about Blair's K4 promotion that will take place in August. She is excited because of the field trips, computer classes, and art/music/cooking classes she will get to experience. God is good!

Thursday we attended soccer orientation. Blair is going to start soccer in August. Her first game will actually be in September. She is thrilled! I posted some pictures below of her soccer orientation. She wanted to wear her Tennessee soccer outfit. Boy did we get grief over that one. She did get one really nice compliment. One of the guys helping with orientation continued to call her little Kiffen. He said with the Tennessee outfit, blond hair and blue eyes she would fit right in with the new Tennessee football family. Go Vols!

This weekend we decided to head back to our stomping grounds. We spent the weekend celebrating birthdays for the most part. On Saturday we attended Aunt Gail's party with Bouncing B's water slide and our water slide. All of the kids had a great time. That evening we attended Aunt Barbara's 60th birthday celebration. Then Sunday Blair's cousins visited us at Poppy and Gigi's house for some more water fun. It was a great weekend seeing all of the family and celebrating birthdays. Happy Birthday Aunt Gail and Aunt Barbara!

Ayla, Trace and Blair in the Hot Tub (cool tub)
Trace and Blair playing in the water.
Blair at Aunt Barbara's Party.
DJ Blair and Papa Rodney at the 60th Celebration.
Audrye, Avery, Ashton, Sarah Kaye, Ally and Blair
at Aunt Gail's Birthday Party.
Blair getting ready to slide down the big slide.
Blair during soccer orientation.
Check SpellingOur Little Soccer Player.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome Ansley Brook Pike!

Yesterday we welcomed into our family a new niece, Ansley Brook Pike. She was born July 19, 2009 at 9:36am and weighed in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces. Allen and Kari are both doing fine along with Ansley's proud big sister, Kailyn.

Blair with Baby Ansley

Grandpa and his girls
(Blair, Grandpa, Ansley and Kailyn)

The Girls
(Ansley, Kailyn and Blair)
Big Sister, Kailyn with Ansley
Grandma and Ansley

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fashion Show, Part I

One of my friends sent me a link to an online children's clothing store called Remember Nguyen. The clearance section of the online retail store was having a great sale so I took advantage of the sale purchasing 14 outfits. Some for this fall and some for next spring. I love the outfits I purchased and just got them in the mail today. Blair was so excited when I brought the box of clothes in the house for her to go through. She immediately started pulling her clothes off to try these clothes on. She wanted to have a Fashion Show. Below are pictures of the fashion show in Blair's new clothes. She only tried on a few outfits before she decided she was tired of trying them on and asked to have another Fashion Show tomorrow. Hopefully she will be in the fashion show mood tomorrow so I can finish posting pictures of the outfits.

Blair in the Barnyard Bishop Dress.

Blair in Purple and Green Toile with her initial on the front.
She loved the fact that this had a B on the outfit for her first name.

Blair also loved that this dress showed her initials.

Chocolate and Pink Corduroy dress with matching Bloomers.

Green and Blue Capri Pant Set for next Spring.

Red Corduroy Pant Set for Christmas.
She says this is her BLAIR outfit.
Of course, this is The End.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Luncheon, Rehearsal and Wedding

Stacy (my middle sister) and Eric got married on June 20, 2009 so I am tardy in posting pictures but it has been very busy around here for all of us. The wedding was beautiful and we all had so much fun. Stacy and Eric or Ken and Barbie as some refer to them, got married at First Baptist Church with a reception at Harvey's on Noble. Here are some of the many pictures from the wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Gunn
Stacy (Barbie)
Blair (flower girl) and Aunt Re (Matron of Honor)
Me (Matron of Honor), Blair (cutest flower girl ever)
and Chris (Groomsman)
Blair and her Daddy
(This is one of my favorite pictures!)

The next set of pictures are from the rehearsal dinner held at Farm Links. It was so nice and the views were wonderful. Dinner was great with a slide show presentation put on by Eric. The cook took it upon herself to visit one of Stacy and Eric's favorite restaurants in order to make the dish exactly as they wanted.
Mitch, Domini (Bridesmaid), Eric, Stacy, Charles and Brannan (Bridesmaid)

Stacy with her other four bridesmaids.
SaraJane, Jane, Stacy, Christin and Leslie Rehearsal Dinner at Farm Links
Head Table for the Rehearsal Dinner
David and Elizabeth Gunn, Eric, Stacy, Mom, Lynne and Daddy
The Happy Couple
Eric and Stacy Gunn
The day before the wedding all of the bridesmaids, mothers and grandmother enjoyed a sweet but hot bridesmaid luncheon at the Botanical Gardens (The Gardens Cafe). The food was delicious and we all enjoyed the time we were able to spend with each other before the big day.
All of the girls on the patio at The Gardens Cafe.
My sweet girl enjoying the cool water feature at the Gardens.
All of the bridesmaids
Leslie, me, Blair, Laura, Domini, Rebecca, Brannan,
Stacy, Jane, Christin, Laura and SaraJane
Re, Stacy, Blair and I on the patio at the Gardens.
Best Wishes Stacy and Eric on a lifetime of love and sweet memories. Thanks for allowing us to be such a big part of the wedding. We love you both!