Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 2 in Chattanooga

Day 2 in Chattanooga was packed with fun and exciting things for us to do. We started the day by going to the Aquarium (River's Journey). Then we headed off to the IMAX theater to see Under the Sea with our 3-D glasses. Blair was so funny to watch during the movie. When the fish would come close to us during the movie we would see Blair reach out and try to touch the fish. It was really cute! After the movie and one large tub of popcorn consumed by Blair, we headed back to the Aquarium (Ocean's Journey).

After we finished at the Aquarium and IMAX, we headed back to the hotel for shopping and swimming. The suite had an indoor heated pool and our little swimmer took advantage of that. I think she would live in the water if she could. She swam any chance she got that weekend. She learned a new trick too. She now will do a flip into the water from the side of the pool.

Here are some of the pictures from day 2.
Blair touching some of the fish at the Aquarium.
She squealed each time she touched a fish.
Blair posing in front of one of the exhibits in the Ocean's Journey Aquarium. Blair watching the penguins swim.

Trapped in the Shark's Cage.

Goodnight Sleeping Beauty!
What a great weekend we had together in Chattanooga.

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