Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sweet Little One

See this sweet face? This sweet little one starts her first day of K4 tomorrow. She is so excited! We are excited for her but I am also a little sad that my baby is growing up so quickly. At times she absolutely amazes me with some of things she says and does.

At church this morning we sang, I Have Decided to Follow Jesus. I got tickled listening to her bellow out loudly the chorus to the song as we were singing. It also brought tears to my eyes to hear my four year old singing this song. I am sure there were some smiles in the heavens listening to this little voice singing her heart out.

After church we decided to head to the McWane Center for some play time. It was definitely too hot for outside play today. We spent several hours playing at McWane and to our surprise, we had just about the entire place to our self.

Blair ready for play time at McWane
Instead of sharing the computer with Chris, I now have to
fight with Blair and Chris for computer time. Earlier,
Chris was on one side of the bed with his work computer and
Blair on the other side of the bed with our home laptop.

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