Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Play Day with Daddy

Chris joined us late last night to spend the rest of our vacation together. Blair and I really missed him! Blair has enjoyed having her daddy here to play with her. I think she was getting tired of playing with the rest of us. We have played in the ocean and pool for most of the day. She has enjoyed showing her daddy all of the new tricks and things she has been doing here without him.

For a brief moment I forgot how classy my husband really is, then today he quickly reminded me. I am sure the picture below will make his mom and dad proud. He sure thinks it is funny.

Chris showing his classy side at the pool.
Monkey see, monkey do because Blair tried to
follow the same classy act. Thanks dad!
Blair jumping in the pool.

Blair carrying water for her sand castle.

Daddy and Blair building a sand castle.

Daddy and Blair on the boogie board.

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