Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hilton Head Island, Day 1

We slept in a little longer today than normal. Yesterday's festivities wore us all out. We did manage to get a little shopping in around the River Walk in Savannah before we headed out for Hilton Head and a lunch at Lady and Sons Restaurant. During our shopping trip, Blair found a shop with spray on tattoos. So, she received a Hello Kitty tattoo on her leg (washed off tonight in the tub even though the lady said it would last 1-2 weeks). We also bought Daddy a small surprise while shopping since he always buys us something when he goes somewhere without us.

After our shopping trip we headed to Lady and Sons Restaurant for some yummy lunch. Then it was off to our destination for the next week, Hilton Head. If you have never experienced the roads (roundabouts) of Hilton Head, let me just tell you they are horrible if you do not know exactly what you are doing. When we finally managed to reach our villa, we had a great time playing in the ocean and pool. Blair found many sand dollars and shells. When we made our grocery store outing I decided to buy her a boogie board to play in the ocean tomorrow. That will be interesting!
Blair signed her name in the sand.

She found one of the brown sand dollars in the sand.

Jumping into the pool at the resort.

The resort where we are staying for the week
in Hilton Head.

Mommy and Blair at Lady and Sons Restaurant

Blair getting her Hello Kitty tattoo.

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  1. Can i just say that in all of these pictures Blair looks like she is about 12, and I don't like it!! Cant wait to join yall! :)