Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sweet Georgia

Today Blair got to fly in an airplane for the first time with Mommy, Poppy and Gigi. We all flew into Savannah for an overnight trip. Blair has been so fun to watch with all of the excitement of experiencing new things. She has been so excited about riding on an airplane for the first time. When the plane took off from the runway Blair began to squeal with excitement, very loudly I might add. She enjoyed the ride and was so good.

When we arrived in Savannah we drove around and enjoyed the sights that this beautiful town had to offer. We tried to get into Lady and Sons (Paula Deen's) Restaurant for lunch but it was a 3 hour wait. We are going to try again tomorrow. So instead we decide to drive to Tybee Island and eat at a place called Fannies at the Beach that overlooked the beach. Afterwards, Blair enjoyed splashing in the waves and playing in the sand. What a beautiful day it has been!

After much playing on the beach, we had to head back into downtown to check in our hotel and start getting ready for our Carriage Ride. Blair was excited yet again to learn that our hotel had a swimming pool on the roof. So of course we had to take a quick swim before our carriage ride. The carriage ride was a first for both Blair and I. I really enjoyed learning about the history behind Savannah and seeing all of the Historic District. Our sweet tour guide was nice enough to let Blair sit up front with her during our ride. Towards the end of the ride Blair had moved to the back of the carriage and fell asleep in my lap. Once the ride was over we enjoyed walking around the River Walk and seeing the sites and stores.

My little one has been busy all day and needless to say is sound asleep. I am sure she will have sweet dreams tonight. Then another full day tomorrow as we head to Hilton Head.

Blair at the terminal gate. That is our plane
to the left.
Blair strapped in for her first airplane ride.
She was all smiles and giggles.

Blair at Tybee Island Beach

Mommy and Blair at the beach on Tybee Island

Blair and Poppy swimming on the roof
at the hotel in Savannah
Blair on our Carriage Ride

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