Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Beach Vacation, Part I

Nothing in this world is more relaxing than to me than the beach. So far this trip has been wonderful! We have swam until midnight, enjoyed a lot of seafood (Blair has out eaten us all with the crab claws), walked on the beach at night, gone crab hunting with flashlights, rented SeaDoo's, made new friends, Blair got a hair wrap, rode the ferris wheel at the Wharf, been surprised by Chris coming to see us early, enjoyed each other and celebrated our 8th Anniversary. It has been so much fun and we still have 6 more days to enjoy it all.
Mommy, Blair and Daddy
Happy Anniversary!
Gigi, Blair and Poppy
The Queen, just ask her!

Blair and Daddy riding the waves.
Blair at Lulu's

Aunt Stacy and Blair enjoying a swim.
Blair and her playmate, Poppy.
Our Beach Baby!

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  1. Donna-I love that last pic of Blair...she looks like she could be on a bottle of coppertone! hope ya'll are having fun! maybe we will get to see you down there...we are leaving today!