Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Pretend Birthday Blair!

We received a call from Blair's teacher last week that they do not have school birthday parties in the summer. With Blair being a June baby, that knocked her out of having a school party. We really were not planning to throw a school party since we are planning a big Candyland blowout in June and inviting all of her friends from school. Then we were told if we did not throw Blair a party, she would be the only summer baby that did not have a school party. No Pressure!

So guess what? We threw Blair a party at school yesterday. Worked out very well! We came off looking like the best parents. It was also the end of the year party for the school. The school carried all of the kids to the park, rented bouncers and bought several different bubbles to play with. To top it off, we had Blair's party right in the middle of the action so Blair and her friends thought all of that was just for Blair's Birthday and we were not telling her any different. The only problem now is she thinks she turned 5 yesterday and next month she thinks she will be 6. Happy Early Birthday Blair!
Mommy trying to give Blair a cupcake kiss.

My little cupcake!

Blair's friends enjoying her Birthday Party.

Blair with her cake.

I did a beach themed party.
Each child received a sand bucket, shovel,
lai, sunglasses and a beach ball.
Birthday Table Decorated.

Blair's Cake

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