Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Four Christmas's and Growing

Santa Clause definitely came to town, several times over. We started our Christmas on Wednesday night at Gigi's mom and dad's. Blair got a pedicure set, pink tent, chair and sleeping bag. On Thursday, we celebrated Christmas number two with Poppy and Gigi. It looked as if Santa had already visited Blair when we arrived. We still have yet to collect all of her Christmas toys from Poppy and Gigi's. After a great lunch, many presents later and a marshmallow battle with the new marshmallow guns, we headed to church for our annual Christmas communion.

After communion, it was time to head one more place before slipping off to bed for the man in red to come to see us. We headed to Chris' grandparents to collect even more gifts for Blair and enjoy some family time. We were wondering if we would fit in the car with the amount of gifts we had collected. Blair had a great time playing with the family. When we returned home, we had a letter from Christopher Pop-In-Kins telling us how much he had enjoyed spending time with the family this Christmas season and what the true meaning of the season was about. He had to report back to the North Pole. We got Santa's milk and cookies ready along with the reindeer food and Blair was off to bed.

Christmas morning we invited all of the grandparents, aunts and uncles to our house for breakfast and to see what Santa left for Blair. Blair must have been really good because she got many really nice surprises. Santa left her a bitty baby, telescope, swing, baby bed, butterfly tent, four wheeler, crossbow and many other surprises. The look on her face when she noticed her four wheeler outside was priceless. She scares us all to death on it but she loves it!

After breakfast we headed to Chris' parents for lunch and my mom's for dinner for more Santa rounds. Of course, we have still not collected all belongings from houses due to car space. Our house looks as if we have more toys and clothes than a Toys R Us store. Can we say spoiled rotten? She is worth ever dime spent. We loved seeing everyone at Christmas time. We had a great Christmas and hope to have an even happier New Year.

Merry Christmas Sweet Little One!

Blair on her new 4-wheeler.
Pink of course because pink is her favorite color.

Look at this sweet little face.
She was so excited when her daddy cranked the 4-wheeler up for the first time.

Blair's new 4-wheeler from Santa.

Blair found her gift outside from Santa.

Let me just say, this thing hurts like crazy. I think all of the big kids will be headed to Dick's Sporting Goods to purchase this item. Blair thinks it is funny to hit someone with the arrow. Maybe we should have thought about this one a little more!

Blair with her new pink helmet from Santa.

Milk and Cookies for Santa.

Marshmallow gun from Aunt Stacy and Uncle Eric.
She had a ball with the gun at Poppy and Gigi's.
I have yet to decide who had a better time with the gun battle.

All Girl with her Pedicure Set.

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