Monday, April 27, 2009

Princess Blair

I finally found a few minutes to jump on the computer and post pictures of this sweet little face. Our plate has been full since Easter. The last couple of weeks have been hectic but very nice so I am posting some pictures from the last couple of weeks. Chris has been working in the yard and it looks very nice. He also carried me on a double date with Stacy and Eric to dinner and to the production of Wicked. It was fabulous! I loved it, he hated it. I do not have to worry about him going back to a production with me.

We attended the Magnolia Festival in Gardendale and Blair had a blast. If you have never been, you should plan to attend next year. We have been to Stacy's wedding tea's, both here and in Mississippi. We have attended a few birthday parties with several more to go. We are also going to gymnastics and dance each week which just makes the weeks that much more busy. Oh, Chris will be attending one more production with me. Blair makes her first ballet debut at the Alabama Theater in a few weeks. How neat is that! Blogging will probably be sporadic over the next two months. We have so much planned that I am already starting to freak out a little about our schedule.
Princess Blair at the neighbors Princess Birthday Party
All the little Princesses.
Cinderella is proof, a pair of shoes can change a girl's life!
Daddy took the training wheels off the bike.
Her face does not show it here but she is not happy with him about this.
Is this not the sweetest face ever?!! We are Blessed!

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