Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Fun

We decided to dye Easter Eggs today. We have never attempted this at home, we have always allowed Aunt Gail to host the egg dying party with all of her grand kids and Blair. After seeing the mess left behind last year, I was a little nervous about us doing this at our house. It went very well with little mess and we have two dozen beautifully dyed eggs to show for it and one happy three year old.

We also baked this afternoon before the egg dying began. We bought Blair a cake and pie baking set for Christmas because she loves to help cook. She wanted to make a pink cake (like Pinkalicious). So we made her a pink cake with pink icing and she helped make the cake, ice the cake and decorate. She is so proud of her cake.

This picture is from last night. Poppy, Gigi, Aunt Stacy and Uncle Eric all joined us for dinner last night. Poppy and Gigi brought Blair's Easter Basket from them. One of the many prizes inside consisted of a snorkel set because she loves the water. She walked around the house last night in the fins and tried to wear the mask with snorkel but that did not work so well. I did manage to take one picture of her with her mask on.

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