Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Bunny

Hope all of you had a great Easter and the Easter Bunny visited your house. We had a great Easter and we were visited by the Bunny. Blair has been learning about the true meaning of Easter at school. We have also been working with her on the true Easter story. She starts off by telling about the soldiers that took Jesus to the cross and spit and hit him. Then Jesus died and they took him to the tomb. Then the big stone was put where Jesus was so He couldn't get out. Then the angel came and "something special" happened. Then they moved the stone and Jesus was alive.

I really need to record her telling the story. It is the sweetest to hear my three year old talk about why we celebrate Easter. She does sound like a broken record player at times repeating "then" but it is the cutest thing.

See what the Easter Bunny brought Blair.

I am sure you are wondering why her Easter stuff is outside the back door. Let me explain, she has been asking for the past week how the Easter Bunny would get into our house (chimney, door, etc.). Chris told her the bunny was not as magical as Santa and would probably have to leave her stuff outside since we could not leave the doors unlocked nor the bunny could come down the chimney. So we left the basket outside for the bunny to fill with goodies since he really did not have a good way to get into our house. Makes perfect sense now, right?

Blair with her Fancy Nancy dress.
The Easter Bunny left a lot of Fancy Nancy goodies.

The Easter Bunny also left a pair of Princess Roller Skates.
She loves them, Daddy hates them!

Mommy and Blair at the Easter Egg Hunt.
I am sure you all know why Chris is not in the picture - he does not like pictures.
Hope you all have a great week!

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