Thursday, April 2, 2009

Playing in the Rain

Tonight we went to Open House for the Daycare Blair attends. The Open House was designed for the parents to see all of the many things the kids have learned and worked on from August until present. It was so sweet to see all of the drawings, art work and paintings Blair had done over the last school year. Her teacher also had a video presentation she had put together of the class over the school year with different pictures. The video was the sweetest thing to watch!

When we got home from Open House, I decided to get Blair's rain boots and then head for the rain and puddles. She and I both had a ball! We were soaking wet from head to toe but what fun we had and what memories we will always have of this night. Chris was afraid of melting so he stood under the umbrella (his only concern should have been clumping).

Playing in the rain with Blair brought back sweet childhood memories of me playing with my sister in the rain at Mama Sims' house in Ashland with Meme. I remember Stacy and I being soaked from head to toe as well but we also did one thing that now makes me gag to think about. As it rained we would stand beside the carport and catch the rain water coming off the roof of the house in our mouth. How gross is that? We had fun then and Blair and I had fun tonight.

Blair riding her bike in the rain.

Blair riding her 4-wheeler in the rain.
Can you tell she had a good time?

Blair and Mommy wet from the rain.
I would have loved to post pictures of her splashing in the puddles but I was not taking my camera in the torrential rain. Maybe next time!

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