Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From Princess to Mud Rider

I went shopping on my lunch break Thursday to Macy's. They were having a really good sale and I found Blair four really cute dressy dresses to play dress-up in for much less than I could buy dress-up clothes. All she wants to do now is play dress-up. On Friday when we walked in the door, she went straight to the playroom and began pulling out dress-up clothes and accessories. We decided on Cracker Barrel for dinner that night and guess what Blair wore to dinner? She wore her new brown, glitter ruffled dress with her Fancy Nancy crown, dress-up shoes, necklace and bracelet's. Boy did she get some attention at dinner and she loved every minute of it.

On Saturday, we were supposed to be going to test out a new boat but sadly enough the boat was sold before we could go test it out. Instead we carried Blair to her Grandparents for a little 4-wheeling. She did not seem that enthused to begin with but when she found the mud puddles, she came to life. Her Daddy does not let anything we own touch the mud so for her to cover both herself and her 4-wheeler in mud almost killed her Daddy. She had a ball and is ready to return to the mud. From Pretty Princess to Mud Rider!

Posing Princess
I think Aunt Stacy taught her this pose.

Our little mud rider
She found the mud and a lot of it!
This picture does not do justice to the
amount of mud covering this child.

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