Sunday, February 14, 2010

Circus Fun

Better late than never! Grandma and Grandpa carried us all to the circus this year. We had a great time and of course Blair wanted one of everything that came by. We went a little early so we could attend the pre-show events. We got to dress up, dance, visit with the clowns and we even scored a free clown nose (I am still in shock these were free because nothing else at that place is free).

Blair was really excited because she got to see her cousin, Kailyn. They both had a great time at the circus and then afterwards they enjoyed a spend the night party at Grandma and Grandpa's. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed some us time as well. Here are some of the pictures from our big day.

Blair with her "free" clown nose.
Kailyn and Blair before the big show started.
Kailyn, Grandma and Blair
Blair and Kailyn posing with the clown at
the pre-show.
Blair dancing in the ring during the pre-show.
Kailyn and Blair dressed up.
Blair sitting on Daddy's shoulder
so she does not miss anything.

Blair ready to head to the circus.

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