Saturday, February 28, 2009

Home Renovation Part II

The basement is coming right along as we now have the sheetrock hung, the walls mudded and sanded and primer on the walls. Chris is working hard this weekend (Yes, I said it. The words most of you never thought you would hear, Chris is working hard. No, it is not April Fool's Day just yet.) to get two coats of paint on the walls so on Monday we can have the floors acid stained. I am really looking forward to seeing how that is going to look.

When Chris or I are working on anything around the house Blair always wants to help. She is our little helper! So I told Blair she could help prime the outside of the walls. She had a ball helping paint but Chris was not happy with me to begin with allowing her to help. She did a great job keeping the paint on the walls and not in the floor.

Blair helping paint the exterior walls. She was thrilled to be helping.
Daddy painting the stairwell walls. I know most of you have never before seen a paint brush in this man's hands so to see this is a bit shocking. I almost put a warning at the top before showing the picture.
The man cave.

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