Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday the Fancy Nancy Way

Happy Fat Tuesday! The Dukes household celebrated Mardi Gras this year the Fancy Nancy way. Blair wanted to have Fancy Blair day (this means dressing up fancy and eating dinner from the good china). She is such a girl! I cooked pork chops, pasta, creamed corn, field peas and rolls. For dessert I served vanilla (banilla in Blair's terms) ice cream in our good bowls. This fancy dinner all stemmed from the nice wine glasses we received (for free) from the bridal show held Sunday at Belk's. You can see the new glasses below in the picture.

When I brought the glasses inside Blair immediately said they were Fancy and she wanted to have a fancy dinner with the new glasses. I convinced her to wait until tonight to have our fancy night. It amazes me the thoughts my three year old has at times. I must admit, I had just as much fun as she did. I mean what girl does not like to get fancy and eat off of the good china?

Mommy, Nana and Blair dressed Fancy for the Fancy Dinner.
Look at that smile from Blair. She loves it!
Mommy and Blair
These are the moments I will cherish forever.

A Look Back In Time - Fat Tuesday 2006
Fancy Blair's First Mardi Gras at the age of 8 months.


  1. So cute. We had a fancy birthday party for Josh a few weeks ago and Ella had a blast. I'm glad to see were aren't the only ones doing that :). Welcome to the world of blogging... it is lots of fun.

  2. We love the Fancy Nancy dress up parties. I have also enjoyed blogging thus far. Mom sent me a link to your blog and I have been reading those as well. Ella is too cute!

  3. I am so jealous of all the fanciness! That is about the furthest thing away from this household of momma and boys! And Banilla is Jacob's favorite too - only he calls is "white ice cream". Love getting to keep up with you guys on here :)