Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love Journal for Ava: 3 to 4 Months

Love Journal for Ava:  3 to 4 Months

My sweet angel, I have enjoyed watching your sweet little personality develop over the past month.  You have such a sweet personality.  You wake in the mornings smiling and go to bed at night smiling and cooing.  I love to hear your sweet laugh and see your sweet smile.  You are such a happy baby! 

You are definitely a thumb baby.  You have decided that you like your thumb much better than your pacifier and every time we try the pacifier, you instantly spit it out and replace it with your thumb.  I already know that it is going to be difficult breaking the thumb sucking in the future.  When your thumb is not in your mouth, that little mouth talks nonstop.  We think you are definitely going to give Blair a run for her money.  You are such a little jabber jaws (I am beginning to think more so than her).

Your little head is getting so strong so we are now able to sit you in your bumbo seat for long periods of time.  We also let you play in your entertainment center.  You are still a little small for the entertainment center but you and your sister seem to play so sweet together while you are in it.   Your favorite thing to sit and play in is your bouncy seat.  You love to look at the animals and talk to them in your seat.  What you do not like is being on your stomach.  When we turn you on your stomach, you immediately roll over to your back. 

We celebrated Mommy’s birthday this month.  I loved having two sweet girls in my life to celebrate my birthday.  Mommy let you have your first sucker on her birthday.  It was a blue sucker and you loved it. 

We are always on the go with your sister in so many activities.  You always seem to be such a little trooper and just go with the flow without any problem.  We have dragged you to softball practices, gymnastics, birthday parties, Blair’s first pageant and softball games.  You seem to do so well wherever you go.   

I love watching you and your sister together.  The two of you sit together every morning loving on each other and laughing together.  Your sister just grows more and more in love with you everyday and I think you do the same.  I have never witnessed the love of sisters like I have with you and your sister.  My prayer is that it stays this way and you grow to be best friends as well as sweet sisters. 

Ava Brooke, thank you for four wonderful months.  We are beyond blessed to have you in our lives!

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