Saturday, January 23, 2010

Peaceful Unity

Church was awesome! The music was fabulous and the message was wonderful. The service normally lasts around an hour and a half and I always hate to see it come to a close. The message today was from Joshua Chapter 4 titled "Peaceful Unity". Three points touched on had to do with grumbling: Grumbling is Contagious, Grumbling Exaggerates and Grumbling Divides.
We want God to bless us and our churches but why should God bless us if we are always grumbling and spreading negativity. We need to stop grumbling about the little things that will not amount to a hill of beans years from now and start doing something for Him. For me, I think this applies not only in the church but in every area of life. At home, at work and in the church are all areas we need to stop grumbling and start doing. I want to work towards that peaceful unity in my life because God wants that and He deserves that from me.
God is so good and He has my family exactly where He wants us to be. We have been attending this church for almost two years now and it has felt like home but we had yet to officially make it our home. Last week we joined the church so now we are officially home. I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us.
Below are a few pictures of Blair. She wanted me to take her picture since she looked so cute. Chris and Blair are going on a date in February to the church Daddy/Daughter Valentine's Banquet. She is so excited! The first two pictures are of her dressed up in her date night outfit. The last picture is of her dressed up for school from last week. She looked so darn cute in her outfit and cowboy boots that I had to share. Hope you all have a great week!

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