Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love Journal for Ava: Birth Day

Love Journal for Ava: Birth Day

My sweet little Ava, what a wonderful, totally unexpected day November 28th came to be for all of us. Mommy went to the doctor the morning of the 28th because of the contractions I experienced over the weekend. Dr. Edwards, Mommy’s obstetrician, examined me and told that I had dilated to 3 cm. He told me to quickly come back to the hospital when contractions started again. One hour later, contractions started again and I was sent to Labor and Delivery. When the nurse checked me, I had dilated to 6 cm. You were ready to make your entrance into this big world and only a couple of hours after being admitted to labor and delivery, you made your grand debut.

Everything happened so quickly that not even the doctor or nurse had time to totally prepare for your arrival. At 3:50 in the afternoon, ready or not, out you came! You weighed in at 6 pounds, 1 ounce and measured at 19.5 inches long. You had a head full of dark hair with frosted blonde tips. You were the most beautiful little girl and looked just like your big sister. I will never forget the emotions of the doctor handing you over to me for the first time and seeing your beautiful face. I cried tears of joy and so did your sweet daddy (which made me fall in love with him even more).

In the room waiting for your arrival were Daddy, Blair, Nana, Aunt Stacy, Aunt Rebecca, Norah, Grandma, Grandpa, Poppy, and Gigi. Everyone agreed that although small and 4 weeks early, you were absolutely perfect.

We had promised your sister that she would be the first to hold you after mommy and daddy. When your daddy put you in her arms, our hearts melted. She fell in love with you from the moment she saw you. We all did!

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  1. She was a very beautiful newborn and yes we did all fall in love with her instantly! Thank you for allowing us all to be in the delivery room with both your girls. These are moments that I hope I never forget. I love you!