Thursday, June 17, 2010

5 Years Ago Today

5 years ago today the Dukes' world changed forever. This little beauty entered the world and we have never been the same. As I reminisced last night, with Blair cuddled up to me, about this day 5 years ago, it made me so sad to think about how quickly time is flying by. I remember holding this sweet little baby in my arms and now this sweet little girl lays beside me growing up so quickly each day. I remember doing all of the things for this little one that she was unable to do for herself and now this little girl tells me that she can do it herself. I remember falling completely and madly in love with this little baby upon first glance and now I continue to fall in love with this sweet little girl more and more everyday. God is so Good!

5 years ago today, I had to go in for a check-up because my blood pressure was a little higher than the doctor would like for it to be. The chance of them keeping me and inducing was pretty good. I remember the excitement of riding to the hospital with my husband, bags packed. The excitement of leaving our house for the last time as a family of two and coming home as three. They kept me in observation for most of the morning monitoring my contractions and Dr. Edwards finally decided to induce. At noon, Dr. Edwards broke my water and started the drip. I remember Chris and I both calling all of our family and friends to tell them the news.

I told everyone to hurry to the hospital while Chris was telling everyone to take their time, it would be a while (next time he should listen to me). I was moved to a room and about 5 minutes later had a wonderful epidural administered (who in their right mind would not do this?). Chris and I had previously decided to allow our family to be a part of this day. Thankfully my doctor also allowed everyone to be a part of this special day. At 4:21 pm we all welcomed Ashlyn Blair Dukes into this world. By we all, I mean, Chris, Aunt Stacy, Aunt Re, Nana, Poppy, Gigi, Mary, Aunt Gail, Grandma and the doctor and nurses. In the waiting room was Aunt Kari, Kailyn, Papa and Grandpa with more family and friends on the way. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to share in the most precious gift, life, and we wanted our family to be a part of this gift.

None of our lives have been the same since she entered this world. My sweet doctor allowed Chris to deliver Blair. He told Chris to suit up and walked him through the entire birthing process. Chris was wonderful and has never been the same since that day. He was wrapped from the moment he delivered her. What a Difference She Has Made in Our Lives!

This day 5 years ago, this little girl made us Mommy and Daddy, she made some Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents and Cousins for the first time. For this child we prayed and the Lord granted us what we asked of Him. Our lives will never be the same and I praise God for that!

Happy 5th Birthday Little Princess!

5th Birthday
4th Birthday
3rd Birthday
2nd Birthday
1st Birthday
Welcome to the world Ashlyn Blair Dukes!

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