Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Preschool Choir Concert

In January of this year we started Blair in preschool choir at the church. She loves it! She has made new friends, learned many new songs and been taught all about the love of our Lord. I absolutely love to her this little girl sing about our Savior. We have only missed one Wednesday night service since we started and it was on my birthday. She was not happy at all that we missed church. That thrilled my soul for her to be so upset with us over missing church.

Here are a few pictures of the preschool performance from 2 weeks ago. Her group sang 3 songs; Leaning on the Lord's Side, Our God is so Big and Just Want to be a Sheep. We were given a CD in January with 10 songs. Chris, Blair and I know all 10 songs by heart. Even though she only sang three of the songs, she could have sang the entire CD without missing a beat.

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