Monday, November 23, 2009

Sweet and Sassy

Blair was invited to a birthday party on Saturday at Sweet and Sassy in Patton Creek. We normally go there to get Blair's haircut but we have never been to a party there. It was too cute! They asked the girls questions when they first arrived about their likes and dislikes. Then they carried them to a dressing room where the girls selected a dress for their modeling debut. After dressing, they were seated in a directors chair where they selected the hair style they wanted, make-up and nail polish. When they were all dolled up, they each had the chance to walk the runway individually with all of the information read aloud about them that was collected at the beginning of the party. The girls had a great time and the parents enjoyed the entertainment of the girls. Here are some of the pictures from Hannah's Birthday Party.

Blair on the runway
Blair's modeling debut
Blair and the girls
Little Princess
Hannah and Blair
Sweet and Sassy!

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