Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a Great Weekend!

We have really enjoyed our weekend. My sweet husband pulled up to our house Friday night with a big surprise for me. He surprised me with a new car. He bought me a Hummer (H3). Most of you know that I also was surprised last Christmas with a new car that 3 months later ended up sold because Chris made money off of the deal. I have threatened Chris with his life if the same happens here again with this one. Anyway, I love it and Blair loves it.

I have laughed at Blair telling everyone about her mommies new car, including some people at Wal-Mart we saw Friday night. I am unsure who is more excited, Blair or me.

Saturday Blair's soccer game was rained out but we all made the most of it and had everyone over for lunch. I love company and spending time with family. There is nothing better than being surrounded by the people you love. I remember John Beck years ago talking about "the more family, the more love." My Meme was a big believer in that saying and how true it is.

After lunch we went to see Grease at the civic center with Taylor Hicks. It was fantastic! I loved it and Blair was mesmerized for most of the show. Right before it was over she looked at me and told me, "Thank you for bringing me Mommy. Can we come back again soon?". Little does she know, she is in for another treat in November. I purchased tickets to see The Rockettes. I am pumped about going to see that performance.

Anyway, we had a great weekend and look forward to a great week. Hope you all have a great one too.

My sweet angel playing in the basement.
My new car. Chris could not put the Tennessee
tag and trailer hitch on the car fast enough.

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