Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fashion Show, Part I

One of my friends sent me a link to an online children's clothing store called Remember Nguyen. The clearance section of the online retail store was having a great sale so I took advantage of the sale purchasing 14 outfits. Some for this fall and some for next spring. I love the outfits I purchased and just got them in the mail today. Blair was so excited when I brought the box of clothes in the house for her to go through. She immediately started pulling her clothes off to try these clothes on. She wanted to have a Fashion Show. Below are pictures of the fashion show in Blair's new clothes. She only tried on a few outfits before she decided she was tired of trying them on and asked to have another Fashion Show tomorrow. Hopefully she will be in the fashion show mood tomorrow so I can finish posting pictures of the outfits.

Blair in the Barnyard Bishop Dress.

Blair in Purple and Green Toile with her initial on the front.
She loved the fact that this had a B on the outfit for her first name.

Blair also loved that this dress showed her initials.

Chocolate and Pink Corduroy dress with matching Bloomers.

Green and Blue Capri Pant Set for next Spring.

Red Corduroy Pant Set for Christmas.
She says this is her BLAIR outfit.
Of course, this is The End.

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  1. I wanted to get so many of those outfits, but they didn't have a lot of them in Emerson's size. I love those clothes!